"David Wilde was a true pleasure to work with. He's a talented composer, but also a great collaborator, eager to try different options and make as many revisions as necessary to get the cue right." -- Michael Kaplan (Executive Producer/Creator/Writer I'm In The Band Disney XD)

"We initially hired Wilde West during the first season of I'm in the Band (a television show about a Spinal Tap-esque rock band) to compose and produce the rock songs featured in the show. It was critical that the music in the show sounded legitimate, as if written by a professional rock band. Wilde West's impressive experience in the music business fit that need perfectly. The demos Wilde West submitted stood out head and shoulders above the pack of composers' demos submitted to us. We were so impressed with Wilde West -- both creatively and with their work ethic -- that we hired them as our full-time series composers in the second season of the show. They far exceeded our expectations as series composers, delivering a score to the series that was edgy, original and diverse, spanning everything from dramatic emotional underscoring to fantastical medieval battle scenes. What makes it a pleasure to work with Wilde West isn't just their musical talent and creative vision; they are smart people who are fun to work with. They are responsive to notes, voluntarily offer multiple high-quality alternatives, and have a work ethic that is unmatched in my experience. I cannot more highly recommend a series composer for a film or television production than Wilde West." -- Ron Rappaport (Co-Creator/Executive Producer I'm in the Band)

"Dave is an amazing artist and collaborator. He'll save you time and money. I can't wait to work with him again." -- Richard Gurman (Executive Producer/Writer various sitcom incl. Married With Children & I'm In The Band)

"I have lost count of how many years and how many projects I have worked on with Dave. All I know is, I refuse to work without him. He is that good, that smart, that dedicated and most importantly for me (because I'm not), patient. I consider him family." -- Kathie Lee Gifford

"Dave was a dream - my executives love his music (so do I) AND I got what was needed technically for the dub stage. I may be selfish but he made my job MUCH easier." -- Penny Segal (Associate Producer - It's A Laugh Productions)

David Wilde